Tuesday, 2011-09-27

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bezouroxHi, I would like to know how I can remove the display of "Roadmap" & "Change log" in main menu when my users login06:08
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jreesebezourox: you can modify a couple view thresholds in your config files, set them from VIEWER to NOBODY06:39
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bezouroxjreese : ok I will search in config file, but have you a line to suggest me ? :)07:51
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jreeseg_roadmap_view_threshold and g_view_changelog_threshold07:55
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bezouroxjreese : ok thanks, i found $g_roadmap_view_threshold = NOBODY;07:59
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bezouroxbut I don't find $ g_view_changelog_threshold07:59
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jreesebezourox: what version are you using?08:00
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bezouroxI found it, sorry :)08:01
bezouroxThanks a lot, MantisBT is a great sofware08:01
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bezouroxI begin with it but it's fun and intuitive08:02
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jreeseyou're welcome08:02
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bezouroxAnd is it possible to modify/add/delete fiels to open a new bug ,09:18
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jreesebezourox: g_bug_report_page_fields09:22
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asm89thanks jreese09:45
asm89pew pew09:45
jreeseyou're welcome? :P09:45
* jreese is taking bets on how long before Paul notices it's missing, and also how long before he actually fixes it09:46
asm89what is it anyway?09:47
asm89ah ye09:47
jreeseI should probably set that up on the official server anyways09:48
asm89would be nice i guess09:49
asm89but all it does is logging?09:49
asm89maybe it's better that you share the log jreese :P being always online ;)09:49
jreesehehe, I probably could just set up a daily rsync of my znc logs...09:50
asm89yeah :P09:50
asm89no mantisbt/developer/jreese vhost ?09:51
jreesethe nice part about the script paul uses is that it automatically strips out control messages, and then colorizes the messages based on user account09:51
jreeseI like having my vhost be the same as my email :P09:51
jreeseor similar at least09:51
asm89he can run his script on your log? :P09:51
asm89ah yes, i see09:52
jreeseasm89: http://pub.noswap.com/%23mantisbt-help_20110927.log.html :P10:16
jreesegenerated from my znc log10:16
jreesedoesn't quite pick up on some of the control semantics though10:18
jreeseand to generate the dated log files, I would have to write a script to modify all the log file names10:19
jreesemeh :P10:19
asm89lol :P10:21
jreeseI could always astronaut engineer a ZNC module that generates the HTML files in realtime, and then set up an rsync cronjob :P10:21
asm89at least rsync it from now on? every day10:22
asm89lol @ html on the fly :P10:22
asm89should remove the non-messages though :P10:22
jreeseI think it adds class to the channel, seeing just how much "traffic" we get without saying anything ;)10:22
asm89some days it's just that :P10:23
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bezouroxHi, I would like to include a dokuwiki in mantis. I found this doc : http://www.mantisbt.org/wiki/doku.php/mantisbt:issue:7075:integration_with_dokuwiki but it's old, is there a recent doc anywhere ?14:46
jreesebezourox: I don't think so14:47
bezouroxDo you think this doc is up to date ?14:47
jreesethere's also http://www.mantisbt.org/wiki/doku.php/mantisbt:issue:8253?s=dokuwiki14:48
jreeseno, I know both the documents are a bit out of date, but I don't personally use dokuwiki, so I don't know what changes need to be made14:48
bezouroxhum ok14:49
bezouroxSo I will test it in dev environment14:49
jreeseI know there are conflicts between the two systems' utf8 libraries, which requires commenting out dokuwiki's versions, but other than that I can't offer anything else14:50
Paul24jreese: lets not have two sets of irc logs14:51
jreesePaul24: sure, you don't need yours anymore14:51
jreesemine doesn't need a bot, and gets uploaded to the mantisbt.org server14:52
Paul24how does it not need a bot14:52
jreesebecause it runs off the logs from my bouncer14:52
jreesesince I'm already here 24/714:53
Paul24it's rude14:54
Paul24you also banned my bot14:54
Paul24without asking14:54
jreesethat's because it was crashing every time somebody said something14:54
Paul24not seen that14:54
jreeseevery message caused it to quit and rejoin, and the noise was really obnoxious, so I banned it until you noticed14:55
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jreese09:46  * jreese is taking bets on how long before Paul notices it's missing14:56
jreeselol, let me unban it real quick14:56
Paul24this is where you EMAIL14:56
Paul24not replace14:56
jreeseexcept you never respond to email14:56
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Paul24I read mails to mantis-dev14:57
jreeseand I replaced mostly because we would want something for both channels, and I never know when you're actually going to be around14:57
jreeseand this way, they're getting pushed to mantisbt.org too14:58
jreeseand the scripts to do do are getting pushed there too so it can be replicated14:58
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jreeseoh, sec14:58
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jreesebesides Paul24, this way there's one less nick idling on the channel15:00
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jreeseor at least there would be if you turn yours off ;)15:00
jreesebtw Paul24: if you want to see evidence of it crashing or whatevering: http://www.mantisbt.org/irclogs/mantisbt-help/mantisbt-help_2011-09-27.log.html#t06:06:5315:06
Paul24anyway, it's run for 3 years without issues15:13
Paul24kinda rude if you ask me15:13
jreesewhat's rude?  I only kicked your bot because it was crashing; I'd been wanting to set up logs on the mantisbt.org server for a long time, this just spurred me to get it done because I never know when you're going to be around15:15
Paul24i'm around daily15:16
*** jreese sets mode: -o jreese15:16
jreeseonly times I seem to see you is when you start talking to dhx about something, and even then that's very rare15:17
Paul24it's not like you dont have access to my box15:17
jreeseI don't have access to your box15:17
jreeseI haven't had access to your box in almost a year15:17
Paul24ask? :P15:17
* Paul24 sighs15:17
Paul24anyway, i'm still around15:18
Paul24I think I might make it email mantis-dev irc logs15:18
jreeseplease no15:18
Paul24so that people who are not on irc get a weekly archive15:18
Paul24other projects I work on do that to good effect15:18
jreeseif they want an archive, they can visit the site...15:18
Paul24so i'll set it up and mail list once it's done15:18
Paul24that seems to be the way people do stuff around here15:19
jreeseif anything, that should be on a separate list so it isnt noise to the people who don't want it15:19
jreesebut seriously, I've been working on the move to #mantisbt for over a year, and I've talked about it with people in #mantishelp before15:20
Paul24whats that got to do with irc logs/15:20
Paul24no i'm missing this15:20
Paul24after 3 years bot breaks for 3 hours15:21
Paul24therefore you ban and edit website15:21
Paul24so if your bnc disconnect for an hour, we should edit website back?15:21
Paul24by that definition15:21
jreeseI banned it because it was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, not because it broke15:21
jreesethe noise was making it difficult to have a conversation15:22
Paul24i'd expect you to do that :)15:22
Paul24what I dont expect is someone to 'replace' something i've been running for 3 years without saying anything15:22
jreeseI told you a long time ago I wanted logs on the mantisbt.org server, and you never did anything about it15:23
jreeseso like I said, this just spurred me to do something I'd been wanting for a long time15:23
Paul24tbh, i'm concerned about having everything on mantisbt.org server where it's an old version of some linux OS15:24
Paul24and where the person hosting it does not work on mantisbt anymore15:24
jreeseVictor still participates when he can, and Gianluca keeps it up to date15:26
Paul24anyway, congrats on having too sets of logs15:27
Paul24i'll probably edit the mantisbt.org support page to link to both sets15:28
Paul24as the logs from this scribe go back further15:28
Paul24and as you said yourself, sometimes if a bot / bouncer disconnects15:28
Paul24you can miss conversation in the logs15:28
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jreesehi giallu 15:46
gialluhi jreese15:46
jreesegiallu: paul reminded me to ask you this: are you planning to upgrade to centos 6 on mantisbt.org?15:47
gialluI am not sure an in place upgrade is supported and/or recommended15:48
gialluthe ideal method is preparing a new instance then move all the stuff then sshut down the old one15:49
jreeseare we at least on centos 5.7?15:49
giallunot that you can't attempt it, but you know, it's still a production server...15:50
* jreese can't remember15:50
giallulet me check15:50
giallunope, but the upgrade to 5.7 should be safe safe15:50
gialluI think there is also a php53 package in 5.615:51
Paul24tbh, we should probably move from centos15:51
jreesebtw giallu, I apparently woke up Paul :P15:52
Paul24i'm here daily...15:52
jreeseI meant in actuarlly getting you to say something15:53
gialluanyway, if anyone wants to move away from centos, be my guest15:56
jreeseyeah, I just haven't cared enough to take the time to spin up a new server and start a full migration15:57
Paul24we'd need to pay for a new server first?15:57
jreesecentos 5.5 still gets security updates, so I'm not worried about it being out of date15:58
giallujreese, yeah that was one big + about it15:59
jreesePaul24: I wouldn't want to take down mantisbt.org for however long it takes to rebuild everything on top of ubuntu15:59
jreesethere's a lot of config files and/or scripts that would basically need to be translated by hand to deal with the small details that are different on ubuntu vs centos16:00
jreeseand tbh, if we're going to rebuild the server, I'd want to move from slicehost to linode at the same time16:02
jreeselinode has a much better admin console, and you get more memory and disk space than on slicehost16:03
gialluAll this hype on ubuntu makes me consider leaving Fedora16:21
giallufor a Mac :P16:21
bezouroxRe, I just finished to add dokuwiki to mantis, and I have this problem :16:35
bezouroxFatal error: Cannot redeclare utf8_strlen() (previously declared in /var/www/dokuwiki/inc/utf8.php:93) in /var/www/mantis/library/utf8/mbstring/core.php on line 2816:35
bezouroxjreese : you speak about it bedore, but is there a solution ?16:36
bezouroxok all works16:52
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