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MantisBT Source Integration - BarCamp Presentation Slides

Since I’m about to present the topic, I’m making the presentation slides available for all. There will indeed be video of the talk, which I will post as soon I can afterwards.

The slides are hosted directly on Google Docs: http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=dffhxmhs_1273ct3kc8

BarCamp Rochester

Context: BarCamp Rochester — Anyone and everyone is invited to attend, and everyone is highly encouraged to present something of their own, no matter what it is. It’s happening this weekend at RIT, where I’m studying (and graduating in about a month!) for Software Engineering.

I’ll be attending it to give a presentation on MantisBT and the Source Integration framework. Specifically, I’ll be covering the myriad of new features that have made it into the project over the past week and a half. I plan to walk through setting up a project in Mantis, creating a new repository on GitHub, linking the Source Integration framework to that, and showing how the branch mapping and auto-resolving features work. Should be interesting.

After the presentation, I plan to post the slides, along with my presentation notes, up here. If anyone decides to video the talk, I’ll also make sure I can get a copy of that as well, but no promises.