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Meta Tech Podcast #57 - Writing and Linting Python at Scale

I joined Pascal Hartig on the Meta Tech Podcast, episode #57, to talk about Fixit, the new open source linter I’ve been working on, how and where Python is used at Meta, and how the Python Language Foundation team supports thousands of engineers, data scientists, AI and ML researchers, and anyone else who uses Python to get their work done.

You can find the episode in your podcast app of choice, or listen right here:

Episode photo, of Pascal and me laughing

Talk Python #304 - asyncio all the things with Omnilib

I joined Michael Kennedy on the excellent Talk Python podcast, episode #304, last week to chat about the Omnilib Project, an organization of open source packages I started, and how they fit into the modern world of Python and AsyncIO. We also discuss how I got started in programming and Python, with a rare glimpse into just how nerdy I was as a child. 😅

Listen in Overcast, any podcast player, or right here:

Open Source talk on Podcast 17

On Saturday, I appeared as a guest host on Podcast 17, for the interview portion of episode #128, to talk about the benefits and challenges of creating open source modifications for Valve’s Source engine, the power behind their classic Half Life 2 series. It got rather sidetracked from the original plan of discussion, and ran longer than expected, but there was some interesting discussion, and great insight from former Valve contractor Tony Sergi.

If you work on the Source engine, or are looking to run or join open source mod projects, I highly recommend you take the time to listen in.